Loader FCINQ



    12 rappers

    12 freestyles

    12 graphic universes


FCINQ brought his expert eye during the freestyle shooting and his post-production approaches in order to propose :

  • Adapted and dynamic turning techniques
  • The development of a different motion animation for each rapper
  • Increased control of 360° production


After developing together different graphic styles and animation principles, 3 motions designers created a universe specific to each artist.

This allowed us to give a distinct high definition atmosphere (or universe) for each rapper without ever losing the overall unity of the project thanks to a shared library of effects and graphic assets.


A unique experience realized with the participation of DJ Weedim, Gérard Baste, Davodka, Chilla, La Potence, Guizmo, Jarod, Imany, Still Fresh, Cheu-B, 6rano, Brav & Butter Bullets