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We decided the key to understanding the documentary better was to use a fun way to further knowledge on the topic.


With an hour of available content, the challenge was to offer a viewing adapted to any schedule so that people could have a quick overview or broaden their knowledge of the subjects covered.

So we therefore separated our story into chapters and gave web users the option to scroll through the story in sections separated like the folds of an accordion. Web users could then take as long or as short as they liked on the topic depending on their level of interest.

While watching the video, additional content appeared and was shelved in a library allowing for a further reading on the topic.

We used the shape of necropolis doors as gateways to our other sections as a nod to the experts of Ancient Egypt.


With the help of an author, we created original content exclusively for web users using footage from TV documentaries and available photos of the rooms at the Louvre.

This content bridged the gap between the exhibition and the TV documentary.

A large part of the video’s content was produced through working with photos and in particular bringing to life those that provide necessary explanations in understanding the work of the scribes.

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