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Both entities’ graphic charter consisted solely of a logo, with the graphical nature of their communications changing with each event. It was necessary to create a universe for each entity, while maintaining a certain homogeneity.

The site is in constant motion, either through videos, transition effects, or the logo itself, which becomes animated as users scroll through pages.

Once users land on a project page, they are incited to discover the project with a string of short presentations. The desktop grid is adapted to mobile in the form of swipable cards.


The idea was to create two graphically different sites from a single source code. The use of a SCSS pre-processor allowed the creation of style variables, enabling us to define a color palette specific to each site.
As always, in accordance with the principle of “progressive enhancement”, we have tried to create a simple site that is fast to load, also functioning without JavaScript, but on which a bit of extra JavaScript can be added to generate animations and transitions if needed.
The Bon Esprit logo was animated in Native WebGL, which allows a simple PNG and a few lines of code to generate a small animation that does not weight down the page.

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