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The CNAPE website is both a great source of information for associations and a way for them to promote themselves through activities and events. This site belongs to both the Federation and its members. The desire was to create a semi-open space: showing non-members the quality and quantity of information, while maintaining exclusivity to its members.


The CNAPE had recently refreshed its brand identity with a teepee-shaped logo and pastel colours. The new website had to reflect this new image, fresh and refined. The look & feel has to lighten the often prolix content, including legal texts and committee reports. Each colour has its own code and refers to a field of intervention of the CNAPE or to the Federation itself.

Code & SEO

A redesign of this size implies many challenges. The first is not to lose content during the shift to a new version: we have set up automatic import procedures to transfer data from the old website (created in 1997 in PERL) to the new one (WordPress). More than just a simple transfer, the task required to automate processes on the data imported because the content structures had obviously changed a lot while automatically creating user accounts for members, geolocating data, etc.

A 20-year-old website, frequently updated and presenting rigorous information on its field of activity was obviously very well referenced. It was very important not to damage its reputation and to still be able to improve it later. A particular care has been given to the automatic redirection of URLs and the semantic construction of pages.

The website was built around a WordPress database with a specific overlay for the “extranet” part based on WordPress user management. Members can connect in Front Office, modify their information, create sub-members, access private content, etc.
When a member makes a change, the CNAPE receives an e-mail with a listing of the modifications made.


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