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L’univers de la saga permet de créer tout un storytelling autour des pirates et des cartes au trésor.

Il fallait offrir une expérience ludique permettant aux internautes de plonger dans l’histoire de ce nouvel épisode, le tout via des moyens innovants.


We imagined a storytelling where Captain Salazar is looking for all kinds of corsairs to help him find Jack Sparrow, his old nemesis.

Users are invited to join his crew for an expedition in the Bermuda triangle! We created a fictive map of the Carribean and Messenger Chatbot to live the immersive experience, in the movie universe.

They have 6 days to scour the web for any clue leading to the capture of the notorious pirate.

On Facebook Messenger, an officer guides the users and leads them to clues scattered on social media by partners.


Our teams designed a map in the movie spirit and players have to expore it to find the famous Jack Sparrow.

We also writted the Chatbot script, spread through pirates expressions and other specificities proper to saga story.

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