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Beyond simply offering a useful service, we wanted to transcribe an atmosphere, a relationship with the brand (and its licenses). We used a tone that enables us to approach the sometimes complex moment of the choice of gifts for friends & family  with proximity and empathy.

This tool based on a conversational chatbot goes beyond its primary function to become the common thread between the image conveyed by the brand, its sales strategy and the symbol it represents amongst its consumers.


This tool offers a tree of 4 questions maximum allowing to deduce which DISNEY product fits the best to the personality of the people who receive the gift.

Depending on the user’s responses, the Christmas genius offers a selection of gifts from a catalog of more than 250 products from the DISNEY, MARVEL and STAR WARS universes, available from many e-retailers.


When we looked at the development of our first chatbot, we had to solve the barrier of conversation trees. Our R&D led us to an existing solution: RiveScript. Due to the purpose of the Christmas chatbot, we have a very dense tree with many ramifications.

Then we incorporated this solution into a module specifically optimized for Facebook Messenger and its API, we make it evolve according to the announcements and the new functionalities.

For a more personalized relationship, we have integrated a wishlist system, which allows to save a selection of gifts for later.

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