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    7 crafted websites

    +90% unique visitors between 2014 and 2015

    +800 available recipes

Idea / Strategy

We created a chart using strong graphics so it was adaptable digitally on the B-to-B as on the B-to-C, both in France and internationally. The chart was the basis of our work.

All the sites in the Elle & Vire universe used different data and content management tools which made site administration very time-consuming for the in-house Elle & Vire teams.

Therefore we created a unique database for managing all the shared product content, recipes, technical tricks and tips all from one back-office.


From the chart, we have been able to nurture the design and brighten up different elements whilst bearing in mind the special features of each site.

On the sites for the general public, we emphasised the love of food and the know-how to make the site pleasing to visitors when browsing the site.

On the sites dedicated to professionals however, we adopted a more rigorous and technical tone. The site is more direct, adapted for a target audience who are hurried and know exactly what they are looking for.


We chose Symfony to manage all the ecosystem sites. This allowed us to free ourselves from all the inherent constraints and to make customised developments as necessary or desired for different markets.

The B-to-B and the B-to-C universes had been developed with very close graphical environments. We were able to easily able to adapt to the brand’s developments to allow the brand to make real savings.

The real power behind this ecosystem is the centralised content management tool, where every market can get to grips with their catalogue, their recipes and the technical tips and tricks. The data is then synchronised daily in order to supply the sites.

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