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The concept that we imagined was structured around the clips of the whistling – what if we interacted with the site through whistling?

The idea was then born to readapt the principle of the musical game Guitar Hero in order to unlock access to different spots. To recreate the melody, users had to tap four keys to the beat on the keyboard.

At the end of the experience, users were able to challenge their friends. A cohesive way to make the experience last longer and to adapt it to the media.


Aside from the mini games that provided access to the little spots, we created a module enabling the user to create their own mini game and challenge their friends.

All that was needed for this was a microphone and to know how to whistle.
We developed a script to save live whistles and to analyse them. The mini game that was then generated, was perfectly synchronised with the melody and the length of notes.

The whole thing was based on the spectrum of sound in ensure a consistent result.

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