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Strategy / Idea

We created fake music videos where images and subtitles didn’t match at all. The user then sees the sound engineer is erasing and corrupting his files. Users are then invited to help the engineer recovering it’s files by participating in a musical blind test. 

Mediatized on Facebook, this short formats helped affirming the campaign’s tone of voice. What’s in it for them? A trip to assiste to the concert of their dreams plus Deezer subscriptions.

UX / Design

The design was carefully thought to allow the brand’s universe and the game coexist. Each action the player does launches short videos shot to act as reminders of the TV ad. User journey was simplified to make the game more addictive and viral. A big part of this realization was to think the different screens as a big animation meant to orient the user through his journey. That way, we obtain a gaming experience that is both rich, original and in complete coherence with the product launch.


We used the Deezer library to offer a wide variety of playlists. Everything is automated, whether it’s retrieving playlists, music, artists or even creating different proposals for each music from the associated artists. A regular import into NodeJS via the Deezer API allows us to stay up to date and make the playlists live by adding new songs in it.

The biggest challenge of this project was to offer a video and music experience on all devices. Have a fluid and engaging experience on desktop, with video, animation, sound design.But also fluid on any tablet and smartphone, adapting according to the constraints of the device, (possibility of autoplay of the video / audio or not for example). All the while minimizing loading times, including ghosts loading, which pre-loads the media you will need later as you navigate a page. These different media are also selected according to the speed of your Internet connection, always in order to reduce the loading times.

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