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We proposed a site with two faces – Events/Magazine using subtle nuances of a common graphic layout.

We capitalised on the previous site’s reputation, its creator, its different partners and made the most of the way events were presented so that visitors are directed to buy their tickets online.

Then we built on the reputation and knowledge of artists to launch the ‘Magazine’ part of the Paris la Nuit site.

UX / Design

: We proposed a carefully thought-out interface bringing forward the three most searched items by internet users – the event flyer, the place and the entry fee.

The whole Paris la Nuit experience is available on mobiles in order to meet the needs of internet users as and when they need to consult the site. The global design was built on a very structured grid bringing together the sought after elegance of Paris la Nuit, but not forgetting the partnership and commercial constraints.

So the idea was to create and design something with increased clarity to do the events and the reputable places of the site’s partners justice.
The site’s overhaul was recognised by being mentioned on several blogs and in web design magazines.


The redesigning of the site was accompanied by the re-integration of more than 15,000 articles and 5,000 users from the previous in-house CMS to the new WordPress.

The new site is a ‘collaborative’ in the sense that the event organisers create their events which are then validated by administrators.

One of the issues was linked to maintaining the site’s reputation with regards to search engines results and ensuring that this remained intact.

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