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    +800 gifs generated along a single day


We put the 15 biggest cities in France in competition with each other to organise the film pre screenings.

Over the course of this very short competition, the town that gathers the most votes, clinches the victory. Out of all the participating towns, only five with have the chance to host the event.

Social networks were undoubtedly the participant’s best allies when it came to rallying their troops.

The OM – PSG clash

The derby provided the necessary tension to draw parallels with the film’s story of the Greeks and Persians.

We created an activity that would only take place on match day and that would be Twitter based to maximise its chances of going viral.
Each team had its own hashtag and a mini site which was available on-line in for people to watch the status of the battle in real time.

To finish the whole thing, we installed a GIF generator that used iconic scenes and the trailer with the option to personalise the text to challenge opposing supporters.

Digital Display

Our challenge therein was moving the billboards delivered by Warner and to make them eye catching and appealing to passers-by.

We deconstructed the visuals and animated the characters as backgrounds in order to tone down the violence in the film.