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We imagined an activation mixing digital, influence and event to give a strong resonance to the operation.

In fact, the format and instantaneity inherent to Instax shots led us to propose a campaign based on brand content generated by influencers .This allowed us to have “sincere” content  and anchored in the real, in the moment and therefore be closer to the public.

We even pulled the slogan that will guide the whole concept (but hard to translate in english): “One moment like that, Instax it!”

Brand content & Influence

So the first step was to get content created by influencers and then retrieve it for use in the DOOH campaign.

We targeted 24 influencers including JustZoé and its one million YouTube subscribers.
Everyone got a kit, especially prepared for him with his name stylized by a typographer. In this kit, a camera and films to immortalize different moments of their day.

In addition to sending back the clichés that they liked the most, we also asked them to post these contents in the form of stories or post to engage their community.
Already a faithful user of the brand, JusteZoé has made a YouTube video in which she tells 24 moments of her life through Instax.

These actions generated more than 3 million views on YouTube and Instagram, to collect more than 160,000 commitments and many positive comments around the brand.

DOOH and social networks

Thanks to all the content collected from the influencers, we set up a contextualized campaign according to the time of the day.

So, if you see the campaign in the morning, you will discover an influencer at the bottom of his bed, at noon, another in front of his plate and in the evening, another one having a party.
24 shots were exploited to illustrate all the moments of the day.

The campaign was diffused during several weeks on more than 900 DOOH across France and we have declined in all formats for different social networks.

A mini website dedicated to the range

To accompany the campaign and highlight the entire range of Instax, we created a mini-site

We reintroduced all the clichés of influencers, launched a hashtag #InstantInstax on Instagram and presented the different models, as well as accessories (movies, printers, covers…)

Visitors could also find the different dealers of the brand.

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A meet-up with JusteZoé

To conclude this large-scale campaign, we organized a meeting with JusteZoé at the FNAC during a weekend.

Thanks to its audience of fans, the stand remained very dynamic all the time of the event and generated activity on the social networks but also on the sales of Instax within the store.