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Brand Identity

Composed of geometrical letters in curvature, Simpego’s logo is highly readable on print and digital. Precise and original shapes, colors scheme enable to create an identity and a universal logo. The goal of the logo is to position simpego as a serious and innovative actor of InsurTech. The key factor of an attracting, dynamic, fresh and effective brand image.


The experience was rethought to allow the various targets to sign up quickly to the assurance. Whether it is via the homepage or via social ads, call-to-actions allow to specify the user’s type and offer the best insurance.

To this end, the purchase process was simplified as much as possible by offering a dynamic shopping cart. Whatever the type of insurance, the requested dates or even the number of people to insure, the results page is adaptable to the user. He notices the impact on his shopping cart instantly by changing the informations concerning the insurances. A simple and effective route, clear and transparent informations.

Simpego Design System

Because Simpego suggests an user-centric approach, it was important to build a scalable visual language that accepts and enables fast iterations.

A single source that can be changed, improved and easily expanded across time to increase the production’s speed.

This system is made of interconnected components which are the foundations of the various pages and templates. Change a single component allows to update the entire system.