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The site is divided into three main categories bringing together the different core businesses of Allo Floride: Live & Dance for the production of events and tours, Listen & Watch for the label and artist management, and finally Eat & Drink For the places.

A different color is associated with each categories and we have composed with the illustrations of Geoffroy De Crécy to build the aesthetics of the site. The sobriety of the fonts and grids was essential to decide with the very watered-down aspect of the illustrator, visuals, animations and transitions that we put in place. Just like the bolder construction of internal pages with a bipartite scroll.


Based on WordPress, this full AJAX website is fully manageable by Allo Floride teams. We wanted a simple and efficient website but above all very aesthetic, thanks to the animations between the pages as well as to the different interactions (rollover, customized youtube players, etc.).
The loading time was a real challenge because the website is composed of many HD photos. We therefore used LazyLoad on the grids as well as on the artists’ files in order to postpone the loading of images off screen.

The site is bilingual thanks to the WPML plugin.