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We created a website as a way of promoting the musical story, its illustrations and its original world.

Every teddy has its own dedicated page where you can find out more about his design, his story and his world. The other pages of the site also offer the chance to find out more about the stories, the artists that participated in the project and a chance to get to know more about the authors.


We decided to bring Scott Pennor’s characters to life to familiarise the public with the world of the story. For a more immersive experience, we converted the illustrations into beautiful animations. Our design choice allowed us to add depth to the topics and to therefore making them more attractive in the eyes of a younger target audience.

Social / RP

Social networking sites meant that we could create a promotional campaign and develop an online reputation for the piece of music supported by fans of each respective artist, photo castings and ‘making-of’ videos.

An ePR campaign and partnership with SHADOW got people talking about the project on blogs and in the media and consequently it gained a reputation amongst the public target audience – young parents.

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