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The overall architecture of the site has been completely redesigned during several workshops in collaboration with the Trax teams, in order to build a UX clearer than the old version in terms of menu entries, themes and content exploration. The whole website has been divided into three main types of content: the editorial, the agenda and the store.

A specific color association has been chosen for each part to allow better understanding for the user. The website is intended as an extension of the paper magazine: bright colors inspired by old covers, fonts reinterpretation and pop identity flirting with the brutalism of the print model. All in a hierarchy of information thought transversely. It is possible to navigate between articles (as is often the case) via tags but also by subject matter, thus covering the various editorial subjects.


To meet the technical challenges, we have completely redesigned the TRAX web ecosystem, divided into three large parts:
– The editorial part, which includes all the articles, dispatched in different themes and tags. The articles are built in a suite of Gutenberg blocks, the new WordPress editor, which allows editors to create shortreads with a paragraph of text as easily as longreads by chaining text blocks, photo gallery, video, quote, etc.
– The agenda part, grouping upcoming events and places. A space dedicated to professionals allows them to advertise their events directly on the website, which are then subject to validation by the TRAX team before going online.
– The store part: based on a WooCommerce, this part offers for sale as well as old magazines, merchandising or subscriptions. Customers create their account, and can access magazines purchased in digital version via a secure Calaméo reader, manage their subscription renewal, their orders, etc.

The site is based on our WordPress framework that we use on all our WordPress achievements. Performance, both on the server and client sides, has been analyzed in detail to provide tens of thousands of daily visitors with the best possible browsing experience.

Among the many SEO efforts that have been put in place, both during the migration of the many content or after, we have notably deployed an AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) version, to offer visitors on mobile from Google an immediate loading of content.

We have developed a specific adserver, dedicated to the TRAX website. More optimized and quick to load, because it is tailor-made, it more respects the privacy of visitors, since it does not share cookies or data with a third-party service.
TRAX can program its customers’ campaigns, using the different IAB formats or packaging available, create sponsored articles, collect impression and click statistics, etc.

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