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We decided to overhaul the site in its entirety – a more functional site with a design that meets the expectations of web user’s and those of the team of journalists that administer the site.

UI / UX / Design

The site was looking old and a good face lift wouldn’t have done it any harm at all. We incorporated a more current design and a clearer visual hierarchy with the aim of bringing real modernity to the site.

After having analysed all of the site’s available content, we streamlined and optimised the way to browse it, then drastically reduced the number of pages in order to create a more direct route to accurate information.

We also found solutions to maintain the site when the Tour de France is not on. Outside of this busy time, the redesigned architecture serves as a backdrop for other races organised by ASO like the Paris-Nice race, the tour of Oman and the Spanish Vuelta.

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