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    500 000 visits on the website

    86 000 players in 10 days

    +500 winners

Strategy & Idea

In order to appeal to as many people as possible and to make the film a true universal adventure, we have designed a video game that represents the promise made by the film: An adventure too great for the real world.

Our idea was to create a contest game to win 20 Years of Cinema, which is played both in real life, but also online.

Participants are invited to find scratch tickets from a wide network of operation partners (20 Minutes, FNAC.com, Gaumont Pathé, A Nous Paris, BNP Paribas) and play online at www.readyplayerone.fr.

Participants’ objective: To find, as in the film, the 3 keys to winning 20 years of Cinema. Other symbol combinations offer the possibility of winning several hundred prizes, ranging from cinema tickets to life-size Arcade Bollards.


A massive contest, which we relayed from Snapchat, Facebook, Deezer.com, Allociné and our partners in order to recruit as many participants as possible. Those ones, even if courageous and insightful in their research, could appear on a scoreboard accessible online and updated live on the Digital Displays Live Module of the Concorde station of the Paris Metro.


The launch of the film was a success, as was our operation. Indeed, through the launch of the Quest Ready Player One, we were able to recruit over 86,000 players in a 360 activation that covered the largest French cities over a 10-day period.

Among them, only one winner, Kevin G. can now enjoy his exclusive prize: 20 years of cinema, but more than 500 other happy ones have enjoyed a gift related to the world of film.