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Strategy / Idea

To meet this ambitious goal, we partnered with the M&C SAATCHI.GAD agency to develop a two-pronged approach: to insert Joséphine de Beauharnais and her character in our modern context, and to create a social ad campaign around the products’ assets to increase their desirability.


The first step was to render Joséphine via the prism of the character traits and passions.
For social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Line), we adopted the codes of Internet memes in the form of small animated gifs vignettes, broadcast across the brand’s stories and news feeds across 12 episodes.

The aim of these contents was to present each of Chaumet’s muse’s most emblematic aspects, and to infuse this collection with a spirit of freedom of style before its launch.

The photographs, at once elegant, refined but always of-the-moment, and avoiding the pitfalls of stiff catalogue style, were shot by artist Clara Giaminardi, who brilliantly materialized all the grace and character of Joséphine, and of the collection created in her honor.

Social media

Our creative concept aimed to maximize user attention from the first three seconds, offering quality entertainment, sitting halfway between digital advertising and historical entertainment.

We therefore instituted a social ad campaign, with impactful visuals in keeping the editorial visual codes that we established with the brand, in order to communicate product assets (color, stackability) in the most creative and elegant way possible.

The 12 vignettes implemented in the Facebook ecosystem allowed us to transport users to an immersive canvas, created to present all of Joséphine’s most emblematic features and fun facts, and to redirect to them the pages of the site presenting the collection.