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Continuing on from last year’s Paranormal Dragitivity, we created a new story in keeping with the brand’s message that we created three years ago.

The narration intends to promote the new Colour Pops range using a video and a game involving the audience with Dragibus on social networks sites.


Thanks to the magnificent narration and the addictive and fun gameplay, Dragifans were able to discover new Dragibus ColourPops whilst being immersed in Halloween and the brand universe.

This plan went really well and the fans really liked it – demonstrated by the high rate of participation, 8.75% which was originally set at 2%.


We are committed to ensuring the fluidity of the experience so users are able enter into a created universe.

In order to achieve this, we made sure aspects such as the animations, the download time or browsing were of paramount importance.

As with all games contests, we paid special attention to making the game safe and identified ways people might cheat so as we could correct them and establish solutions.

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