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    3.200 viewers



We started the project with an iconographic research, semantic, then graphic.

The major idea was to offer to the viewer an immersion, from the queue until his seat, by way of halls and common spaces, dressed with darkness and green glows.

Two highlights : outside of the cinema to insure movie demands, and the Rex big room, huge dark room, conducive to develop the heavy atmosphere of the famous saga.

Outside Realization

The outside of the cinema was dressed up with a huge spaceship door, enveloped by plants (the first time in the saga, with Covenant) which gives a deserted look, and a long vegetal wall, embellished by discreet lighting, little aliens (facehuggers <3) and a frightening sound system made by water noise, forest, monsters…

Inside Realization

The inside of the cinema was full of huge alien eggs on the stage. A global subdued lighting, and motorized spotlights inside the eggs to create an impression of movements.

An original sound composition by Christophe Menassier, in 5.1, was diffused on the Grand Rex sound system: screams, frightening blankets, cracks and the iconic Alien Xenomorph was presided in one of the balcony, in the darkness…

The experience

Fruit of the efforts made by ten persons, one month for the conceptualisation, a day-and-a-half for the arranging, the operation gave real pleasure for fans, for our client, and enable us to do excellent repercussions on social neworks, ensuring a premium entertainment.