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We chose to focus the device around three characters with which everyone can easy identify with: a little girl with her school books, a thirty something city dweller with their drawings and a craftsman with his paperwork.

We were focused on demonstrating that paper recycled at one house could become the newspaper at another – an overview of a circular economy.

Drone attack


We created a web-documentary type project using real life characters. Our choice of optical system allowed us to create a familiarity and a privileged feeling between the user and the device.

To illustrate the industrial cycle of paper, we created a video retracing the steps thereof in a sorting factory. We used drones to shoot previously unseen footage and in order to better understand the steps of recycling.


When designing the device, we anticipated the content strategy was going to social networks and therefore we did shots of additional maps during the shoots.

The teaser videos which were shot and then publicised had an excellent commitment rate of beyond 10%.

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