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Idea / Strategy

Working on this project, our main concern was to create a simple enough experience so that it could be easily installed in stores and still catch the consumer’s attention. Combining both the Halloween and Haribo universes led us to this observation : Who has never dreamed of hunting ghosts for Halloween ?

We created a narration to immerge the consumers into this magical universe :

It’s Halloween, Hariboy and the Golden Bear have decided to test a new Hairdo candy based magic potion. Thrilled by their creation, they woke up all the ghosts in the area. Looking for revenge, the ghosts took all the candy before hiding themselves.

The consumer’s mission is simple : find the ghosts hiding in the aisles of your supermarket to get the candy back and save Halloween ! Stickers on the floor will warn you of their presence and, once scanned with a smartphone, they will reveal the candy steeling thieves.

With Haribo, Halloween becomes the best ghost hunting playground.

Conception & Creation

The game was though out so it could be used in supermarkets, a place where people are not used to play on their phones. We paid special attention  to the UX in order to simplify as far as possible the user interface in order to make the experience engaging enough without being too complicated.

The idea was that with just a few actions, users could interact with their environnement and discover something unexpected.

Graphically, we wanted to showcase Haribo’s joyful and colored universe while injecting some of the Halloween characteristic mystery and fantasy. We  made the ghosts look as friendly as possible by giving them each different facial expressions.


Augmented reality isn’t exactly brand new, but until now an specific app was required to experience it. Our user-centric vision made us aware of how much of an obstacle this could be. Even more when you are doing groceries in a supermarket.

Android already offered this possibility in the browser, but with the new iOS 11 made it is also possible on iPhone. That was all we needed to go for it and create an augmented reality experience available for all from the browser.

Thanks to the expertise of our partner Quai des Apps and a mini-website based on Vue.js you can now easily go ghost hunting in a brand-new way!