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We created a portal that grouped all the different Maison Constant restaurants together that also shows how each restaurant differs from one to the other.

In order to optimise referencing, all the mini sites were regrouped under the domain maisonconstant.com.


Given that the restaurants are very different to one another, it was clear that we had to keep their identities with a design and ergonomics specific to each one.

So we put a transversely positioned footer in place which allows you to work with each establishment of the Maison Constant as a site in itself. For example, the Café Constant layout evokes a friendly feel whereas the full screen photos of the Violon d’Ingres show a chic, Michelin starred restaurant.

Photo shoots were organised in order to have quality visuals that reflect the image of Chef Constant and his teams’ cuisine.


: In order to facilitate the administration of content, we chose to create a multisite WordPress which allowed us to develop all the sites in parallel. We also created a centralised control panel, saving the Maison Constant teams’ time when managing the sites.

We also integrated an e-commerce block for the shop, consisting of easy-to-use PayPal buttons.


For each respective site, we found a principle to involve web users, often restaurant clients. Therefore, for the Café and the Bistrot, we have an Instagram stream designed for visitors to upload their photos.

For the Cocottes, that brings in regular lunchtime customers, we set up a ‘golden guestbook’ where visitors can share stories of their best experiences.

For the Bibent, we set up free coffee for the Foursquare Mayor which appears on the homepage and is then replaced by last post from their very active Facebook page.

As for the Violon d’Ingres, we wanted to preserve its Michelin starred reputation and not integrate a social media aspect into it. We did however add Chef Constant’s signature dishes.

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