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To better illustrate our proposal, we came up with a web-documentary through which visitors are able to discover the typical day of a 3 year old and a 6 year old subsequent to the reforms.


We followed two children for two days, from the morning until they get back to their parent’s house in the evening and we were able to show the benefits of this reform through their lifestyle.

To improve the insight into the daily lives of the two pupils, we took sound clips to accompany our photos.

To complete our overview, widen the points of view and hear about the experience gained, we interviewed parents and teachers about this reform without overseeing or revising their remarks.

We also used techniques such as stop motion or animated pictures to make the content of the web report as enriched and as interactive as possible.


The technical problematic was to offer a fast download experience and an animated, fluid scroll on the desktop formats such as tablets.

In order to start browsing right away, all media formats load as the user gradually scrolls through the story.

From an animation perspective, they were all are optimised as much as possible and other medias are rendered on a canvas background/WebGL – whether it be fixed images or sequences of animated images – so they can be read and controlled in the most fluid way possible, in particular for the scroll facility on tablets.

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