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    695 000 people affected by the campaign

    +2 700 fans on Facebook page TOONAMI on one month

    10 press kit personalized for each influencer

    104 000 views generated on YouTube thanks to influencers


Strategy & Idea

We have developed a digital communication with discovery, memorization and affect as stakes.

The idea is to use generation Z codes to deploy communication in several phases and reach the people most sensitive to the program with short and impacting formats.

Our strategy has been deployed in three main parts:

  • Target the touchpoints corresponding to a very young target (YouTube, mobile formats, influencers)
  • Using Generation Z codes
  • Capitalize on the strengths of the series (the superpowers, the number and originality of characters, the ‘school’ dimension, etc.) to challenge and work on attachment.


Creation of a personalized box for each influencer, 15 buzzkits sent in total containing the press release, a set of 7 numbered and personalized lenticular cards, a Pop figurine and the first volume of the manga.

« Live Photos » videos thought like cards where we highlight the different superpowers of the series. Distribution mainly on Facebook, optimised for mobile, the main device for our target group, young people.

In addition to the broadcast of the trailer (or other YouTube content), Bumpers featuring “Lessons at the Academy” target Internet users on a short and impacting mobile format to work on memorization.

The contents broadcast on social networks can be followed thanks to the hashtag of the operation, #MyHeroAcademiaTOONAMI